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A Center of Excellence, composed of Experienced Engineers, Architects, Strategists and senior leaders eagerly constructing the future

We are bringing the best of class to organizations that are aiming to use technology and people to enable the future we want to leave behind for our loved ones.


The prime principle of a solution has frictionless characteristics in all its aspects, and it pays for itself in the shortest amount of time possible

Pascal K. Passigan


Business Target Growth 2023


Project Awards Target 2023


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  • We did not know that our problem could be solved in such a record time until we've met DPIMATRIX experts.

    Tim Cook
  • They've gathered our requirements in record time. This is truly a team that knows what it is doing.

    Rebecca Kelly
  • DPIMATRIX has truly distinguished itself by solving our problems in record amount of time.

    Ron Burgundy
  • We have been using them now for all our Cybersecurity and Enterprise Architecture projects. We are very pleased.

    Sophie LaCroix


We feel the best way to satisfy our customers is when we own their business processes as if they were our own.

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