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DPIMATRIX, LLC Develops Highly Focused IT Solutions, Federal Capabilities for the DOD, DHS, Civilian Agencies. These solutions have been seemlessly adapted to private sector infrastructures, saving cost and time.

We enable unmatched solutions in the field of IT Governance, Cybersecurity, Program Management, Enterprise Architecture, Software Development, and all IT related areas.

We execute all contracts with the mindset of becoming your default partner in the area of concern.

We make you central, and we never forget or neglect the reason we are with you!

We develop highly capable workforce in our areas of expertise. You can count on us.

Services -- Solutioning Areas of Interest


Executive Order 14028, OMB 2209, Zero Trust, ICAM, TIC 3.0, NIST 800-171, the RMF, API Security, Security Engineering, and much more

Security Enterprise Architecture

Expertise in major security frameworks such as NIST, HIPAA, JCHO, FERPA, ISO 27000, PCI-DSS, COSO

Specialization in pattern development; solution blocks; Principles definition; Rapid Reconciliation of the Solution with the Enterprise Architecture; Lean Reconciliation of the proposed change with the Enterprise Architecture, Rapid development of Center of Excellence in the targeted areas

Cloud Security

Cloud strategy - AWS, Azure, Google, Terrafon, MongoDB, Kubernetes, Docker

Assessment of cloud infrastructures within the prism of inadequacy of policies and practices; weak confidentiality and integrity sureties; Principal-agent problem attenuation

Micro Services -- API Security

NIST 800-204: Authentication MS SS-1, Access Management MS SS-2, Service Registration MS SS-3, Secure Communication SS-4, Secure Monitoring MS SS-5, Circuit Break MS SS-6, Load Balancing MS SS-7, Rate Limiting (Throtling) MS SS-8, Induction of New Versions MS SS-9, Handling Session Persistence MS SS-10, Preventing Stuffing Attacks MS SS-11 MS SS-12 API, Gateway Configuration MS SS-13.

Program Management and Governance of the Enterprise IT

Leadership, People, Culture, Insight, Data, Futuristic Thinking, Change Management, Capability Development, and Frictionless Solutions

Architecture Design

Adoption of the Saltzer and Shroeder Ten Design Principles: Economy of Mechanism, Fail Safe Default, Complete Mediation, Open Design, Seperation of Privilege, Least Privilege, Least Common Mechanism, Psychological Acceptability, Work Factor, Compromized Recording. Also, the adoption of ISO/IEC 19249 - Architectural Priciples: Domain Seperation, Layering, Encapsulation, Redundancy, Virtualization, Least Privilege, Attack Surface Minimization, Centralized Parameter Validation, Centralized Genetral Security Services, Preparing for Errors and Exceptions

Mobile Security

NIST 800-124 and NIST 800-202 principles. Mobile containerization


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  • We did not know that our problem could be solved in such a record time till we've met DPIMATRIX experts.

    Tim Cook
  • The gathered our requirements in record time. This is truly a team that knows what it is doing.

    Rebecca Kelly
  • DPIMATRIX has truly distinguished itself in solving our problems in a record time.

    Ron Burgundy
  • We have been using them now for all our Cybersecurity and Enterprise Architecture projects. We are very pleased.

    Sophie LaCroix


We feel the best way to satisfy our customers is when we own their business processes as if they were our own.

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